Hong Kong Virtual Private Networks For novices

Hong Kong Virtual Private Networks For novices

Today, VPN technologies, also known as “virtual private networks,” are in fashion, but not for the reasons they were originally created. They conceived as a way to safely connect business networks via the Internet or to give users access to business networks from home, very simple and direct use. The essence of VPN is to create a secure connection to another network via the Internet. Access to sites with a limited region, masking your activity on the Internet even when using public Wi-Fi – this and much more can be done through a VPN.

How does a VPN work?

When you connect your computer (or other device: smartphone or tablet) to the VPN, the device acts as if it is on the same local network as the VPN. All your network traffic is transmitted through a secure encrypted connection to the VPN. Since your computer behaves as if it is on a network, this allows you to access local network data, even if you yourself are on the other side of the world. You can also use the Internet as if you were present at the location of the VPN, which has some advantages, if you use public Wi-Fi, you need to access geographically blocked websites or just keep your privacy and anonymity.

When you use the Internet by connecting to Hong Kong VPN, your computer connects to the website by an encrypted VPN connection. The virtual private networks forward the request for you and response from the website back over this secure connection.

In essence, VPNs redirect all your network traffic to the network, which allows you to use many features – for example, remote access to local network resources and bypassing Internet censorship. By the way, most operating systems have built-in VPN support.

Once again, in simple words, a VPN connects your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet to another computer (often called a server) somewhere on the Internet and allows you to surf the Net using a secure Internet connection from another computer. If this server is in another country, it will look as if you are actually there (and not in your bedroom in your pajamas, sipping coffee), which will allow you to access things on the Web that you usually could not. In fact, VPNs act as layers between your computer and the content you want to reach. If you happens to be interested in investigating into the details, then read more about how the VPN works.

Why use a VPN

Online security

Do not let anyone keep track of your actual location and information about your computer, while avoiding scammers and geo-targeted ads.

Privacy protection

Protect your data from being pumped through shadow Wi-Fi access points thanks to data encryption and IP masking.

Streaming data

Trick the algorithm and watch your favorite TV shows on Hulu or Netflix, while in another country.


Download (legal) files without logging in. Even if your ISP doesn’t like BitTorrent at all.

Stay out of sight

Reduce the influx of ads, at least geographically targeted (an ad blocker will also help).