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Military is a volunteer force that serves to safeguard our safekeeping as well as way of life, but the military service members are further than a combat force. When it comes to learn about the military, the members who serve are humanitarians, frontrunners and also your fellow nations. Actually, the military philosophy is in-built in the military workforces from the beginning of professions. In fact, whether active or reserve part, everyone starts life in the military with some kind of first training. Even majority of them starts by enlisting as well as attending the basic service or foremost entry training or simply a boot camp, the marines, navy and the coast guard. Also, others can enter the service like officer commissioning sources and any of the service academies like the air force academy, west point, the naval academy, the officer training school or the officer candidate school.

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The day to day life in military differs based on the career choice, place and service branch. But, there are many experienced service members available. Initially, one should prepare for fundamental training, take care of a family on the base or deploying the initial time. The commitment length of service member majorly depends on the choice of career, a branch of service and needed training as well. Also, some of the service branches have a yearly muster need to verify in about the prime expires. Physical fitness has always been a major portion of the military training. Likewise, there are plenty of things available to know about military and its life. In order to learn about the military life, the victory trail is a good place for you to know more on the men and women who serve for our nation, what they do, who they are and also why they do it.